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“One day I walked with a shepherd and his sheep. The landscape, the livestock, the slow pace in wich we propelled  and the sound of the grazing sheep were almost hypnotic.”


A Landscape in Wool is 100% sustainable Dutch Design.

ZGF Architects | Landscapes in Wool | Sustainable rugs


Wool is a protein fiber from sheep. The special and often rare sheep that supply their wool to my Landscapes live in the open air or with enthusiasts who are committed to the survival of the breed. The sheep are carefully shaved and during the creation process only natural ingredients are used such as water, olive soap, salt and vinegar. Every year the wool grows back on the sheep and that makes wool a renewable fiber source. After its useful life, the wool can be processed in the soil where it releases valuable nutrients to the soil.

The Landscapes in Wool are made from 100% ecological materials and are human and animal-friendly.

Lensvelt | Sustainable Rug | Landscape in Wool


A Landscapes in Wool is made of wool-felt and has very good qualities. It is a natural insulator and has a great sound-dampening effect. A Landscape in Wool that is used as a wall-covering or carpet on the floor can help to solve acoustic problems. It also helps with moisture regulation because it also absorbs water vapor and is fire resistant.

My work has contributed to a project by ZGF Architecten-LLP Los Angeles and has been honored with the public award at the 'Interio Fair' in Ghent:

"... The landscapes in Wool are unique wall and floor rugs that give a new breath to sustainability and tradition. The work does not scream for attention, but cannot go unnoticed aswel. Who comes to the source of information will discover a statement and a work of art at the same time. "

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