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Years ago, I walked along with a shepherd and his flock. grazing sheep everywhere. It was like a sea of ​​wool, a landscape in a landscape, alive, warm and dynamic. That walk has determined the direction I have taken with my Landscapes in Wool.

For a while I worked on a collection of shoulder coats, inspired by the Victorian pelerine. I wanted to investigate whether wool could be an animal-friendly alternative to the fur of which these coats were made before. The research gave me a lot of knowledge about wool and its great characteristics. You will find them also in the shop


For me, the rough and original material is inextricably linked to the landscape. It's the peace, the wholeness and beauty that lurks in nature that I want to capture in the diversity and texture of the wool. In this way I try to build a bridge from nature to interior and share with you the special feeling I had during that walk with the shepherd.

Eugenie Ligthart founder Landscapes in Wool
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