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LANDSCAPES IN WOOL are handcrafted rugs, wall-hangings and room-dividers made according to an ancient, traditional process. The sense of the wool connects you to the landscape and home grounds of rare sheep breeds held by local shepherds.

At LANDSCAPES IN WOOL we believe in the unique appearance of wool at its purest. By staying as close as possible to the original condition and texture of the wool, it has the greatest expressiveness in your interior. 

You notice that immediately: it feels good and it looks fantastic.


LANDSCAPES IN WOOL offers you a collection of high-end wall tapestries, wool rugs and fleeces. Handmade of 100% shorn wool, animal friendly and no chemicals used.

In addition, we offer MORE: products that stand out for their authenticity and artistry such as the Pelerines: luxury tippets as an animal-friendly alternative to fur.

LANDSCAPES IN WOOL can also be made to order. Let us know your wishes about size and shade by filling in the order form.

Once you have found what you are looking for, we offer smooth handling and delivery both within and outside Europe.




At LANDSCAPES IN WOOL we love pure, nature and animals. That is why we are such a big fan of our wool suppliers. Our wool comes from rare sheep that are maintained by a small group of shepherds and enthusiasts. By buying our products you contribute to their success. The wool is sheared with care and processed by us in a traditional way, a process in which rubbing water and soap on the wool creates a sturdy piece of textile: wool felt. Only natural ingredients are used during this process, because sustainability is very important to us. By choosing LANDSCAPES IN WOOL you choose a 100% ecological, animal-friendly natural product with great properties.

WOOL & more
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